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Singing in Lockdown!

Well we are certainly living in very challenging times. Who would have thought at the beginning of this year we'd all be having to stay home, all choirs, events cancelled and not really knowing when life might get back to normal. What has come out of this though is a ton of creativity around keeping people connected/singing together and exploring ways that technology can help us. We have been able to record songs for BBC Radio 4 Sunday Worship services all in the comfort of our own home and started to explore leading choir rehearsals using Zoom. We have also explored recording devotional songs for you tube and social media, the video below was our first which we did right at the start of lockdown. The time we have at home has been a time for re-focussing our mission, writing new songs, producing new resources for choirs and churches. Yes all this is while as a world we are seeing so many lives lost to the coronavirus so they are not happy times, they are times to weep with those who have lost loved ones, cheer our key workers who are on the frontline keeping us safe. But it is good to have some light shining in the darkness, think about what the really important things are and maybe in some ways hit a reset button as society.


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