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All 10 album tracks out now!

We're really excited to be able to release the full 10 tracks of the new album 'Chopin Fusion'. You can also buy the scores for all the tracks now and also see performance videos of them by going to


What is ‘Chopin Fusion’?

10 new piano pieces – loaded with character, wide-ranging in emotion, igniting imagination and packing a party punch of soulful melodies and captivating rhythms. 


Carey the composer says:

“I picked my top 10 from Chopin’s original Preludes and improvised using features that struck me from each Prelude, like interesting melodic fragments or 

sophisticated rhythms.”


The result is …. ‘Chopin Fusion’

Who is Carey and what is CASTLERAY?

Carey Luce, a graduate musician of Goldsmiths’ College London, has worked in a wide range of musical contexts and says 

”as a composer, drawn to Chopin’s Preludes, I’m fascinated by how these miniature pieces can say so much within a short space of time.”


Working with the talented Tom Hooper, (who added a drummer’s interpretation to the album) and performed by the band CASTLERAY with bass Meister Matt Weeks and vivid vocalising from Geraldine Latty (his wife) and Gemma Scharnowski, Chopin Fusion was very well received for its debut performance in York in January 2022.


Carey enthuses:

“There’s enough structure so that you can feel a part of the story. 

Please journey with me and my friends in the band whose terrific talents 

bring Chopin Fusion to life.”

What is the sound of Chopin Fusion?


This is Chopin’s instruction or performance marking at the beginning of his Prelude no. 1 priming us for the drama which peaks only 15 seconds later!  


The creative musical journey unfolds with melodies that are immediately hooky that are sometimes bold and in your face, other times racked with pathos all interlaced with rich harmonic language and ‘juiced’ with funky backbeats each track around 3 – 4 mins in length.  

Carey explains:

“Improvisation sections are deliberately short rather than an  extended jazz fest 

that can sometimes leave the audience non-plussed...”

Difficult to play, easy to listen to.

When asked about the difficulty level, Carey laughs, 

“They’re pretty tricky to play to be honest, but ideas within them are very playable; some chord structures are easy to pick up, get inspired by, 

and have major fun.”


Who is ‘Chopin Fusion’ for?

Whether you love listening to new sounds or dancing around the room to funky grooves, a beginner player or a seasoned muso, you will quickly encounter the magnetic attraction of Chopin Fusion.


…and finally

Carey sums up the sound of Chopin Fusion:

“Brace yourself for the rhythmic diversity of world music, the freedom of jazz, the structural clarity of classical music, and the energy of rock.”  

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