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New song written with Matt Weeks

Close To You

We are delighted to present our new song co-write with Matt Weeks - 'Close to You’. 

“Why have I found precious favour? 

Why am I so loved by you?

Treasure that I did not earn, 

Kindness I don’t deserve”

Wrapping the beautiful melodic idea from Weeksie around themes we explored in the story of Naomi and Ruth and from Psalm 27 (“one thing have I desired”) has inspired this song of devotion and praise. 

We hope and pray you find it helpful in your singing community too. 

'Close to You' is available on YouTube now, and can also be found on Spotify, Amazon Music, Apple Music. 

All lyrics, charts and lead sheets are available at and in our shop

Holy Spirit Fall On Us

We wrote another song with Matt Weeks called 'Holy Spirit Fall On Us'. You can buy the score for it in our shop

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