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New Music Video - Brighter Day

Back in April, we ran an online singing conference with our friend Emma Smallwood. We decided we'd like to write a new song that we could teach and so the song 'Brighter Day' was born! It turned out to be popular with our singers and we wanted to give them, and others a chance to be in a video for the song. Armed with mp3s and lyrics, 21 people recorded themselves at home and sent the videos back. In the meantime our video producer Var Smallwood ( came up with a concept and storyboard for the video and arranged to film our friends Emma & Lee Carleton (and Emma S!) performing the song with makaton as well as a day filming us in our back garden!

Carey put together a great backing track for the song, Emma edited the vocals into a mix and then Carey mixed it all together and Var added it to the video. This is the end result...we hope you enjoy it!


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