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Exciting recording of 'Day of Trouble' by members of four choirs across the South!

Back in March when choirs were suddenly shut down, no-one could have known that here in August we would still not know when they can get back to singing together. The uncertainty around the future of all choirs has been hard to cope with, both for members and choir leaders. But...we have seen choir after choir after choir finding new, creative ways to keep their choirs singing, using methods they had never thought of and zoom has become an essential tool.

We were very excited when four choirs we have worked with asked to use one of our songs 'Day of Trouble' for a special collaboration across the choirs. Of course we agreed and were so excited to see our new choir resources being put into action. We taught the song to all the choirs in online zoom rehearsals (one hour with each choir was all that was needed!) and then sent out mp3s, backing tracks, scores, backing videos to all the choir leaders so their members could rehearse and then record themselves in the comfort of their own homes.

The videos each person had recorded were then sent back to our good friends Emma & Var Smallwood. Emma ( edited and mixed the audio and Var ( put it all together in a great video. The choirs were thrilled with the end result...and so were we. It was just so special to still be able to see people singing together, words of hope in such uncertain times. Take a look yourself, here it is, Day of Trouble.

If you'd like to find out more about our online rehearsals, check out Geraldine's website and you can also find out about our choir video package we're offering where you choir can produce a video like this one with our help.

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