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Christmas Collaboration!

As we begin 2021 let's just take a moment to reflect on some of the great moments from December! First, our Christmas song collaboration with our good friends Bath Community Gospel Choir. Back in September 2020, Geraldine had a zoom chat with Jo Sercombe who leads BCGC and Emma Smallwood from Gospel Generation Community Choir and they decided it would be really great to write a brand new song together and get Jo's choir to then record themselves singing it!

The theme of light was chosen and over the next month or so the song was crafted together and then members of BCGC were invited to write some lyrics for the spoken word parts. Geraldine and Carey led a zoom rehearsal for the choir and taught the new song and then Jo went away and put together a vocal arrangement for the choir and Emma put together the backing track.

After a few more zoom rehearsals the choir were ready to record their videos which were then sent to our good friend Var Smallwood at Telling Video who put the video together. Here is the end result...'Shine On'!


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