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Supporting new artists

The last few months have seen Geraldine & Carey helping other artists fulfil their dreams. This is something Luce Music is passionate about and it's been exciting to see more and more opportunities come our way.

Firstly the GGCC choirs from Bristol, Torquay & Feltham have just released their first joint CD, 'Sing our way home'. Carey engineered the recording of the vocals back in July then mixed and mastered the tracks so they could be copied onto CDs. Geraldine expertly led the choirs through the recording session and also recorded some solos which feature on the CD. The CD has now been released and has had lots of positive feedback from those who have bought a copy. You can find out more by going to .

Then earlier in October friends Timo & Gemma Scharnowski aka The Forest Feeling launched their new album 'Hello Future. Can we be friends?' and Geraldine & Carey hosted the launch in their lounge! It was a wonderful evening, full of lovely moments, not least Gemma's parents being surprise guests from Germany! Here is a track from the new album and you can find out more on Facebook

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