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Launch complete!

Last week saw the last launch event for Geraldine Latty's new album, 'Can you see it?'. It has been an amazing month working with fantastic people who have supported this whole project in ways we could never have anticipated. People really have gone the extra mile.

We started with a launch at LST on 29th March and were joined by our wonderful band, the LST choir as well as other friends from LST community and beyond. Such an encouraging night, packed out and just a lovely atmosphere of hope and welcome. We sold our first CDs too...they're officially out there!

Then the weekend after we travelled to Bristol to work with our good friends - GGCC (Gospel Generation Community Choir. They were performing in a concert on 2nd April and asked if we would like to come and share songs from the album and get the choirs to sing one as part of the concert. It was such a joy to be back with these guys and see how well the choirs are thriving. We also got to see good friends too and sold lots of CDs!!!

Then, we were off to Spring Harvest, a day at Minehead and then a week at Skegness. We were reunited with our top band again, Tom, Carl & Raul and loved leading singing workshops, worship times and sharing the new songs from the album. Great memories made.

Then last but not least we had a launch concert at St James in Gerrard's Cross on 26th April. We got to work with the band again and also had Steve Thompson join us which was fantastic. There was a surprise visit from Noel Robinson too who came along to support us. The guys at St James were such fantastic hosts, went above and beyond in every area for which we are so grateful. We had the joy of having the Accord choir sing with is, we'd worked with them for a few sessions leading up to this event and they did a top job.

So, 'Can you see it?' is now launched, you can buy it at or from the Luce Music Store.

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