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Sing! 2015 - WOW!!!

We had a truly amazing weekend in Bristol (25/26 Sept)! Working with Emma Smallwood from Gospel Generation Community Choir we put on our second Sing! conference.

Friday was all about choir leaders and budding choir leaders. We were joined by 17 people from as far afield as Cornwall and Crewe! A really inspiring bunch of people, all with very different stories of how they got involved in leading choirs but with the same passion for the power of Gospel singing. It truly was a privilege to spend time with them, learn songs together and get excited about the new partnerships that have begun.

Then Saturday was for all singers and we had over 100 people come, again from many different places, travelling long distances to be there. Right from the first notes sung, the atmosphere was electric! The power of singing those words of hope, joy and freedom was very tangible, so hard to explain in words, you really did have to be there. It was so good to be joined by Kim Samuels & Eiron Bailey as they both led a session for us. They brought their own very experienced style too, providing us with a great variety through the day. Something that many people have commented on as a real positive.

We also had an impromptu sing in the Thornbury shopping centre, it was such a lovely day we just wanted to share it with others!

The day then finished with an informal concert and were joined by Winston Edwards and Liam Callaway who with Carey were our band extraordinaire! Their funky playing really added fresh energy and excitement to the singing. All the more impressive because they only had about 30 minutes to rehearse!

It still feels like there is a lot to process from the weekend, stories are still being shared. We are so grateful that we get to do this and don't want to stop!!!

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