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A brand new song, 'Find Me' is out now. You can watch the video for the song here.


We had a lot of fun making it! It features amazing dancing by Jordan and Anna, filmed in one day and just down the corridor they were filming one of the couples for Strictly Come Dancing (we did take a peek!).


We also got some interesting looks when digging a massive hole in someone's night!!!


Shot on location around Bristol and surrounding area the video tells a compelling story of love breaking through. 






The gospel song is so rich and brimming with variety and story.

Funky songs, sad songs, foot-stomping songs from the charts and the church. Songs from history and around the world carrying the message of holding onto hope, joy and love.



We love singing.
We lo
ve singing in choirs!

We love working with choirs too.

But in our travels, we soon began to realise that while there are some great, expressive funky gospel songs out there, many of them were quite complex, dynamic yes, but not always readily available for the choirs we worked with.

What these choirs were calling out for were

  • enjoyable

  • accessible

  • 3-part

  • 'one rehearsal'

  • simple

  • content-rich story songs


So we thought we would write some :)
Based on the Psalms
Based on stories from our experiences and from those around us. 


So, armed with our voices, pen/paper, a keyboard, GarageBand and chocolate, we holed up in our family barn and wrote, and wrote and wrote.

Sing Spirituals is the result.


From the

Sing Spirituals project



Hold On is our first album in this project and includes 10 songs (5 traditional spirituals and 5 brand new spirituals)

Also available:

  • Each song somes in mp3 (from iTunes) or CD format

  • Each song comes as a pdf score with lyrics

  • Each song has accompanying teaching videos


For your choir or singing group.

PERFECT for adding easy to learn, 3-part, fun songs to your repertoire for your next concert or street party!


Sing Free!


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