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Pop-Up Choir Event

Have you ever seen the Gareth Malone choirs?
Would you like to be part of choir ‘from scratch’ for a day?
Have you ever wanted to sing in a gospel choir?
Do you want to meet other singers who love singing inspirational songs together?


Then our popular Big Sing [Pop-Up choir] events are for you.


This is for all comers whether you think you can sing or not, for people of any background, faith or not. 


You will quickly learn inspirational songs and even a few stomp moves!

A fun, inspiring day usually ending with a concert for friends, family and the community that evening!

Luce Music in action May 2016

Choir Workshop With Your Choir

Would you like me to come and work with your choir? [and give you a week off!] I will provide new song material to work on with your choir that can be quickly taught and learnt all in the same session.

It will be tailored for your choir and can also include:

  • Working on a song from your current choir repertoire

  • Improving choir tone

  • Choir blend

  • Diction

  • Movement [if applicable] and so much more…

Online Choir Rehearsals

Do you run a community choir?

Are you stuck for song ideas?

Does the thought of running an online rehearsal daunt you?  

Would backing tracks help?

Would you like a night off from leading?  


Geraldine, with Carey (her multi-instrumentalist husband) will provide full musical support for the session. People have even been known to get up and dance during these fun and dynamic sessions.


Each choir session will include:

·      Simple yet profound songs

·      Helpful instructions and teaching

·      Coaching using 3-part contemporary gospel choir voicings [i.e. soprano, alto and men]

·      Singing together with a backing track so that each choir member can hear where their voice fits with the other harmonies.

·      All within 1 hour!


You will also have the opportunity to: 

·      Record the rehearsal so that you have a ready-made reference to choir parts and 

·      Book a further session if required. 


In addition we will provide you with a lyric video with supporting music track plus a lead sheet [lyrics and chords] for you to use with your choir in your own rehearsals.


If you’d like to invite Geraldine to run a Zoom rehearsal for you, please contact her.

What people say...

“Watching everyone’s faces, we all clearly had such a great time. 


I was thrilled to see choir members engage so brilliantly despite the limitations of zoom and know that that is down to your fantastic song, Carey’s incredible music direction, your infectious enthusiasm and affirmation which brings the best out the best in all of us. 


Please come again soon!" 

Heather Chivers | Riverside Community Gospel Choir Music Director [After our choir rehearsal with Geraldine and Carey on Zoom]

“Really enjoyed seeing you all and singing together yesterday. Didn’t realise how much I needed that uplift”


“Just thanks for all the hard work. The song has been going around in my head today. It is a really poignant song for us all and the cry of our heart to our God who sees and knows all things. Awesome!!”

Singers from Renewal Choir Bristol [After our choir rehearsal with Geraldine and Carey on Zoom]

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