Be part of the new video for our brand new song 'Brighter Day'. When you buy this pack, you will get everything you need to help you record yourself in the comfort of your own home. The pack includes:

  • Instructions on what to do
  • Lyrics for the song
  • Mp3s  - all parts together, soprano, alto & men

Once you download the resources you need to record yourself and send the finished video, stating which part you recorded back (we recommend using as video files are quite large) to Emma Smallwood 

Everyone who takes part will be sent and audio mp3 of the recording with all voices.

Brighter Day Video Recording Pack

  • These mp3s and lyrics are for your own personal use only. Please do not copy or share. Geraldine Latty, Carey Luce and Emma Smallwood are the authors of this song and have given us permission to use it for this project. Thank you.