Joyful Joyful!

When I was in Bristol I went to the Renewal Choir run by Kim Samuels. 🎶 This was always such a refreshing and dynamic time singing with this Choir so I was hugely honoured to be invited to share in their sellout ‘Gospel goes festive’ concert at Saint Georges Brandon Hill last Friday. What a great evening I never cease to be amazed at the repertoire that Kim is able to produce (Including a brand-new medley she had arranged. A cappella! Stunning! ). The soloists, band and of course the Choir gave energetic and moving performances a real night of joy!!!! I sang two solos including A child is born for us and led “Mary‘s boy child“ with the packed concert hall audience. I even met some ex

When a plan comes together

We were already working on ideas for our advent/Christmas ‘Arrival’ event at LST We’d thought about presenting a different take on the nine lessons and carols. We have just done a recording for the daily service up in Manchester with the lovely Miriam and Katharine our producers there when they asked if we ever written songs for Christmas! That reminded us of a dream we had to write carols/Christmas songs so we came back and started to work on songs set to these 9 readings. 2 of those carols we debuted with LST choir at the arrival event a few weeks back. Such a joy hearing then take the songs to heart and to present them in a way that connected with our audiences too A child is born f

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