Back in Bristol again!

On 4th October, we'll be back in Bristol...and back at Thornbury Baptist Church! We're going to be hosting an evening of live music including some blues, a little jazz and songs from our CD 'Hold On'. Oh and we'll be joined by our friends at GGCC who will sing a song or two with us! Do come along if you can. Here are all the details...

Sing! 2015 - what to expect!

We're getting very excited! This Friday is the start of our Sing! 2015 conference in Bristol! We'll be joined by singers and choir leaders from different parts of the country and are looking forward to learning together, sharing stories and loads of Gospel singing! We'll be joined on the Saturday by Kim Samuels from Renewal Choir (that's just one of her choirs!) and Eiron Bailey (leads choirs in Bristol too!). There will be a free concert at 7pm if you're around and want to join us, or you can book a place The two days are at Thornbury Baptist Church, Gillingstool, BS25 2EG.

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