London Launch of Luce Music

Although we have been operating as Luce Music for a few months we haven't had a chance to celebrate our new adventure with friends and family. So, that is what we are going to do on Tues 14th July! LST have a series of Summer Nights events and we are going to be leading the one on the 14th and it seemed like the perfect time to combine an evening of singing spirituals, including many from our new album, with launching Luce London. We are going to have a launch event in Bristol later this year too because we know we have lots of friends there who are big supporters of us both. If you are able to come along and join us, we would love to see you there. The evening is free for all and

LST Graduation

It was a huge privilege and joy to be part of the LST graduation day recently. Geraldine led the LST choir who were brilliant and of course they were accompanied by Carey as well as a top band! Plus Carey & Geraldine got to wear their robes!

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